We understand that this situation has us all waiting to see what will happen next. Of course, the #1 most important thing is staying healthy and clean! We are constantly updating our website and social media outlets to update any closings at our shop. During this time, we are making it KEY to work owner/operator only, to keep hands on your vehicle to a minimum and strict cleanliness to it's maximum.

Contact us anytime during regular business hours for information on what we can do to provide ultimate cleanliness to your car, especially the interior! We are hereto treat our customer's just like our own family with tons of at-home tips, advice, and product information for what you're keeping clean next.

-Groundwork Team


Detailing and beyond!

Whether you're seeking a regular maintenance car detailing, paint polishing and correcting, or the best Ceramic protective sealant in the market- we have what you need! 


What's important to you, is important to us!

Our priority is what means the most to you, whether your car is here for a long time or just a short time, we can tailor a package just for you! We strongly believe keeping your goal in mind, adding in our professional touch is a one way ticket to a great experience for you! Give us a call anytime, or stop by the shop for a customized detail.


We don't just detail, we educate!

Your journey with your car should always be one that you understand to the fullest, whether it's aesthetically or mechanically. We're here to answer all your questions, educate you on how to maintain your ride, and walk you step by step through our processes, products, and procedures!

What's going on in the shop today?

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what's on your list?


Professional Detailing

Certified Ceramic Coating

Certified Ceramic Coating

Make your car look new again, and your new car look better than new. We take auto detailing seriously, and get beyond the details. Check out our options for your bike, boat, and car.


Certified Ceramic Coating

Certified Ceramic Coating

Certified Ceramic Coating

We're certified in Ceramic Coating through Ceramic Pro America's! Check out our options for your car, protection renging from 1 year up to a lifetime!


Color Depth, Swirl Removal

Certified Ceramic Coating

Color Depth, Swirl Removal

Your car does have an inner beauty, even if it's hard to see right now! Paint Correction is for you if you're looking for that paint to come back to life.

Looking to certify your Ceramic Pro?

So you finally got your coating! Now, we certify it for your CarFax recognizable warranty. Click the button below to send us your vehicle information and get that cherry on top of an amazing service!

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We mainly work by appointment only, but normal operating hours are below. Please call before you stop in to make sure we're at the shop! See you soon!

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* Please contact us for an appointment! Normal operating hours are 9am-530pm Monday to Saturday, Sunday's we are closed!