Ah, the fresh air and feel of the water! But does your boat feel the same? We have the ability and certification to give you protection for all of your vessel's needs. The water can corrode your boat quickly, make sure you're acting quicker to preserve it for a lifetime!

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Why Ceramic Pro Marine?

It's simple, not only for the diamond finish you'll always have but because your vessel will no longer be affected or damaged by continuous exposure to the harsh weather, UV rays, salt water, scum, and other chemicals. 


How long does this last?

Check out this video to see how over time your boat can become highly corroded if it isn't properly protected. Watch how Ceramic Pro preserves it's look for years.

Need a Quote?

Price will completely depend on what you're looking to protect, how much cleaning your boat needs prior to the coating, and the size of the vessel! Contact us anytime by phone, or send us a quick inquiry below to get a rough quote. We prefer to come see the boat in person to discuss game plan and budgeting. Talk to you soon!

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