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Why fleet detailing?


Image is Everything

Anything with the company's name on it represents the image of your business. Give your customers a first impression that stays, while potential customers keep you in mind for another great reason. 


Add Lasting Value

Not only can we help maintain the appearance of your fleet, but we can make sure they stay protected for their entirety with you. We know it's crucial they maintain their value!


One-Up your Competition!

Studies have shown that companies that appear cleaner to the consumer often do better than their competition. Make sure your company's name is the one they remember!

what we can offer

Keep your fleet crystal clean..

As a business, we know that it can be difficult to find the right time to get things done, the manpower to keep certain things consistent, and the expertise to get the job done right. Our goal is to make sure yours are met for your fleet of vehicles, and that your business always has a clean image! 

We can help you make a game plan for your fleet keeping in mind your goals, time frames, and budget. If you currently employ your own squad to get the job done, we can be an on call last-minute extra set of hands. 


Tell us about your business!

Rather meet in person?

Sometimes it's easier to go over your goals and budgeting in person, and we completely agree!

Groundwork Detailing

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