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FAQ's & Answers!

Q. What is Clay Bar?

A. Clay bar is exactly what it sounds like. This bar of special clay picks up contaminants (dirt, tar, beginning rust)  that can over time deteriorate and rust your paint.

PRO TIP: We recommend this service 1-2 times a year to prevent excessive build-up!

Q. How often should I wash my car?

A. It's recommended to wash your vehicle bi-weekly. This momentum will make washing your vehicle a lot easier, and prevent the build-up of contaminants. In order for your wax to work correctly, your car needs to be regularly maintained.

PRO TIP: Ceramic Pro your vehicle for the quickest just-waxed look with a simple hand wash!

Q. Wax vs. Ceramic Coating

A. Some waxes on the market look simply incredible. It's still no secret that a wax's lust look still fades in a short amount of time. Ceramic Coating gives you that just-waxed look for up to a lifetime with certain packages! Ceramic Coating's gloss is like no other, and actually forms a hardened shield around your car as a protective barrier.

Q. What is "Buffing"

A. Buffing is a term used and often confused with "clay barring." In reality, it involves compounds by either a machine or hand. Professional detailers will push to create a close-to-perfect detail with this method. Buffing, is a quick word for Paint Correction. Check out more about this service below.

Q. What is Marring?

A. Marring is very fine, light scratches to the paint work caused by something abrasive. Towels are the number one cause to marring paint, aside from a Car Wash that isn't touch-less.

PRO TIP: Find marring signs on your vehicle? Let's talk before you run to the body shop! Paint Correction can solve this issue easily.

Q. Why did you choose Eco-Friendly washing? Is this as effective?

A. We LOVE our Eco-Wash systems and stand by them 100%! We have used several washing methods, and normally each vehicle's specific condition calls for a certain method, but we choose Eco-Friendly 99% of the time because there is less chemicals in the water, you have less runoff of contaminants, and you reduce the contamination of surface waters! 

Q. Is my car too far gone for Paint Correction?

A. The only true way to know is to measure with a paint thickness gauge. We offer to do this to your vehicle at no cost. Helps you know when your clear coat is heading towards trouble! 

Q. Do you offer Mobile Detailing?

A. We started as a mobile business, and are looking forward to getting back into it soon. We are currently out of commission for mobile appointments, but exited to see you mobile again! Check back frequently to see updates on this!

Q. I want a Groundwork Detail, but I don't live close to Manchester. Help?!

A. Well we offer pick up/drop off services to assist you there! We are also conveniently located right next to Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester CT and offer drop offs to the shopping area while you wait for your car to finish.

Q. Do you sell Gift Certificates?

A. We do! You can purchase a specific amount (starting at $25) or a detail for your gift card. Contact us anytime to purchase, gift card can be emailed, picked up at our location, or sent to the lucky person! 

Q. Do you have a multi-car discount?

A. Yes! Get both done the same day and receive an exclusive % off your appointment total!

*We also offer Senior Discounts and Military Discounts.